Papaverweg 11, Noord, 1032 KD Amsterdam, Netherlands
Natural wines and small modern European plates at this interesting space in Noord.
Recommended by Carolyn Massey Menswear Design Director Tommy Hilfiger
Carolyn Massey

Opened by a largely experienced group of childhood friends, this restaurant slash wine and saké bar slash eclectic music listening spot crosses all the boxes of the so-called « foodie experience » but with unpretentious manners and fine cooking and pairing skills. The menu is asian inspired but made of crossovers of locally produced ingredients and umami packed flavors. Listen to this. Red snapper with mussels and green sichuan pepper, yellow beet with daikon and madame jeannette pepper, okra with sesame and ice plant, baby carrot with hazelnuts and red pepper, Spicy fried chicken, thirteen spices had duck confit. On the wine menu, all day rosé, sparkling and orange wines are prior choices and the tight selection of red and white marks the penchant of the tenure for well-considered producers (or artists as they are named). We keep asking ourself if high-end saké and nature wines have been invented for this type of places or the other way around. No reply needed. What matters is the unconventional and pleasurable taste experience that gently defies our status-quos.


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