Skånegatan 79, Södermalm, 116 35 Stockholm, Sweden
Very small seasonal restaurant and gin bar focusing on Swedish produce. Almost exclusively tapas size dishes.
Recommended by Carl Ollson Co-Founder Deadwood
Carl Ollson

Located in Södermalm the mini restaurant (and gin bar) is the sister parlor of the Michelin star restaurant Agrikultur. Driven by the sensory, the human, the poetic and the profane, you’ll find here the essence of a modern Swedish cooking. Seasonal and locally sources ingredients for architectural dishes but not aggressively conceptual. A cerebral food cooked equally for the mouth and the eyes in a neighbour restaurant that serve as delicious and interesting dishes as the serious restaurants elsewhere in the city but in a setting that welcome, and do not intimidate. The menu is short and tight (and so is the room) made of tapas size courses such as: Oyster mushrooms with butter cooked Ramson and eggyolk, cod with caramelized cabbage, browned butter and purslane, blue mussels with fried kale and horseradish, pork cheek with pepper glaze and plums. Proposing the simple and the fine at a quite affordable price, Bar Agrikultur offers more than instagrammable dishes and a cosy atmosphere with the advantage of taking us far away from the fruitless debates about healthy or non healthy food by serving « the best in taste ».


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