Nybrogatan 19, Östermalm, 114 39 Stockholm, Sweden
An elegant deli serving the typical jewish grandmother’s dishes.
Recommended by Thomas Pouverel Contributor, Partner Nowwhere
Thomas Pouverel

No bigger than a hole in a wall in the south of the prestigious Östermalm quarter, Schmaltz is an ode to the New York jewish deli culture with a feeling of the pre-world war period in the air. The menu is not overly large, but varied with a clear fondness for the grandmother cooking, east European style: poultry liver terrine, black pudding, oven baked fish, braised osso buco. The cocktail list is contemporary with twisted classics and the delicate selection of wines by the glass will please any connoisseur. Wether you come for lunch or dinner, you want to stay a little longer at Schmaltz to extend that impression of walking in a Scorcese or Woody Allen movie, where enjoying small talks or large existential debates is always surrounded by authentic family food.


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